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Overnight at Tarak Ridge

Itching to try out Justin’s new Elixir 2 tent from MSR, we embarked on an overnight camping trip last February 28-29 to where else but Tarak Ridge?

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Hiking Diary: Tarak Ridge


(This was originally posted on 5/2/2015 on my old Tumblr account.)

From Coastal Road, when the sun is just low enough and the afternoon sky clear, you can make out the shadow of the massive Mt. Mariveles across the bay. It’s huge, it’s intimidating, and it’s beautiful. A major climb, most hikers go there to set up camp and watch the glorious sun rise and set from one of its peaks. On its west face is the popular Tarak Ridge, a thousand meters above sea level. From there, you can see Corregidor Island, and if you look hard enough, the other side of the bay.

Justin and I were supposed to go to Tarak last January, but because of warnings and the fact that we were so unprepared, we decided it was best to reschedule. April 11 was perfect; the day hike to Tarak Ridge became some sort of an anniversary climb for us.

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